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Panelization: An Alternative to the Challenges of Home Building

In the high-tech approach known as panelized construction, pre-engineered building materials are produced for a new home in factory - controlled conditions, then shipped complete to the building site for final construction. A panelized home can be weather tight in just a few days.

The pre-building roof and floor trusses in our factory is the most common application of our panelized construction system. In keeping with our tradition of excellence and always trying to be on the cutting edge of the home construction industry, we recently entered into a new area, that of complete home panelization. Our intention as always is to provide our customers a high quality alternative and to take the lead in what the National Association of Home Builders in the United States has reported as the fastest growing segment of residential new construction. With the assistance of cutting-edge automation and in factory-perfect conditions, complete exterior and interior wall panels, trusses, decking, etc. are loaded onto trucks and delivered to the project site. Before arriving at the job site the materials are marked with an easy to follow coding system for easy and quick assembly at the job site.
There are many reasons for fast growing success of this new alternative, but they tend to fall into the following areas.

  • labor savings
  • reduced construction time frames
  • material savings
  • consistent quality
  • marketing advantages
  • design flexibility.
Steel is environmentally Friendly

Labor Savings
Our ability to use less specialized labor in framing the home. Depending on size of the home, Somundy is able to save at least€10 per sq meter. Administrative staff needs are reduced since we are only dealing with one major supplier. Somundy has figured out how everything goes together and components are marked for ease of assembly on the job site. When using panelization, workers do not waste time assembling individual components to frame a building.

Savings on Materials
Steel is purchased from a manufacturer, which results in a direct savings to the customer.
Job site waste and human error are essentially eliminated.
Reduced waste is environmentally friendly.
Due to less wastage and scrap, associated costs are greatly reduced for clean up.
Somundy is able to offer better prices since material is bought in bulk, coupled with the panel manufacturers' tight costs controls.
No increase & often a decrease in trade contractors bids (due to pre-punched studs and open web floor joists).
With the computer aided manufacturing process, all of the bugs have been worked out prior to on-site construction.

Reduced Construction Time Frames
Home buyers are able to move into their new home more quickly.
Completion and move-in dates easier to predict and meet.
Reduce costs associated with construction loan interest.
Cost are further reduced by eliminating delays caused by labor shortages, scheduling problems or labor that simply doesn't show up.
Eliminate delays caused by material shortages, late deliveries or wrong items shipped.
Eliminate poor quality of lumber, by not having to sort.
Construction becomes more feasible year-round (particularly for colder & inclimate climates).

Consistent Quality
Our highly-automated factory controlled conditions results in panel construction that are consistent with measurable quality controls in the manufacturing facility.
With framers working indoors, under factory controlled conditions, they have an easier time of getting measurements exact.
Greatly reduces weather-related problems for materials exposed to elements prior to home being closed in.
May achieve a tighter fit with better insulation/blockage of air infiltration.

Design Flexibility
Welcome to the new era in panelized home building, in which "high design" is the key!
Somundy Enterprises have broadened their product line to the point where they can build panelized home packages from virtually any home plan.
Increased manufacturing flexibility and a new appreciation for interior and exterior design, traffic flow and amenities, is fueling sales of panelized homes.
Increased manufacturing flexibility and a new appreciation for interior and exterior design, traffic flow and amenities, is fueling sales of panelized homes.We invite you to find the residential or commercial plan which meets your personal needs, wants and desires, then contact us to assist you, in being part of the solution for your next project.

Pricing is quick, accurate, and guaranteed.
Improved communications from the construction blueprints.
Capable of receiving most files from you or your architect.
Job sites are clean and safe.
High-tech / cutting-edge, approach offering excellent value for the price.