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Believe it or not, you can assemble solid professionally built storage sheds, garages, gazebos and even sunrooms from a kit! Save money in these tight times while doing home improvement with one of our do it yourself kits.

Do it yourself Steel Buildings
Somundy’s steel building kits are perfect for all of your residential building applications. Many customers choose to use our steel kit buildings as an ultra-tough alternative to protect everything from their garden tools to their antique cars.

Our steel kit buildings are a perfect solution to provide extra storage space outside of their home.

Some choose to turn our easy-to-construct buildings in to the workshop they've always dreamed of having, while others use our light gauge steel kits buildings as an actual home.

For whatever you decide to use our versatile steel kit buildings for, you can be confident that they will provide one of the most durable, economic, and efficient alternatives available on the market today.

Why choose Somundy’s steel kit buildings?

  • Do it yourself (Easy assembly)
  • Light Gauge steel construction
  • Competitive and affordable pricing
  • Customer service Available

Benefits of Somundy’s Steel Kit Buildings

  • Factory Direct
    • Our residential steel buildings are sold straight from the factory; there’s no middleman so we can pass the savings directly to the customer.
  • Light Steel Design
    • Our steel kit buildings use light steel panels and thus have no need for beams, posts or trusses which means you end up with a 100% useable space.
  • Versatility
    • We have a variety of kits to choose from that meets the aesthetic and functional requirements of any customer.
    • Our steel kits can accommodate a varied range of projects, from a simple backyard workshop to garage to a structure suitable for living in.
    • Our kits come in a selection of sizes, and are easily modified and added to even after construction is complete.
  • Do it yourself (Easy Assembly)
    • Our residential steel buildings can be assembled in an easy do-it-yourself three-step process.
    • Click here to find out how to assemble a our steel buildings.
  • Durability
    • Our residential steel buildings are made from light gauge steel standard sized panels (120cm x 240cm), and have all the inherent qualities and strengths that light steel posses.
    • These steel kit buildings are virtually maintenance free.
  • Efficiency
    • Somundy’s steel kit buildings are improved for ventilation and airflow.
    • Every steel kit building can be easily insulated in order to lower heating costs.