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The light weight, cold-formed steel members manufactured by Somundy Enterprises provide a variety of products that are easily assembled into a versatile, efficient and structurally sound framing system. Quality control is stressed in all phases of the manufacturing process so that the highest possible quality available is delivered to the job site.

The structural shapes manufactured are easily used for non-load and load-bearing wall assemblies, floor and ceiling joist assemblies, and panelization systems. They can be used as the main support structural system or as a supplement to heavy structural steel or concrete frames.

Regardless of the system application, steel framing offers superior strength, quality and performance. These characteristics have broadened the capabilities of architects to design structures that are more durable, more dynamic and safer.

Metal framing is corrosion resistant and protected with a galvanized coating. The galvanized coating protects the steel from rusting.

Metal framing is available in many sizes and gages “mills” (gage refers to the metal thickness). The two primary applications are interior non-load bearing (drywall framing) and load-bearing framing (structural framing), or curtain wall.

All products listed are engineered to meet the 1998 Edition of the AISI publication "Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members". Detailed engineering product information is available from Somundy Enterprises upon request.

As you become more familiar with steel framing, you will increase your ability to help customers select the construction products that best meet their needs.

Steel Studs and Rolls of Unformed Steel