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Somundy Enterprises provides designs for several pre-engineered homes. However, we understand that every person and every country has a different vision of their community. For that reason, Somundy Enterprises provides the building materials for any home design. In fact, we highly encourage the use of home designs that are more consistent with local and regional values.
We call it Cultural Integration, which is simply the integration of our products and technologies into cultural values as they relate to homes and communities.
Our team of architects, engineers and estimators can covert any home design into a steel framed structure implementing all of the supporting materials to make your homes look and feel familiar.

There's only one way to address worldwide demand for housing and that's by having a system in place to ship tens of thousands of houses annually to all parts of the globe. Somundy Enterprises utilizes a large staff of highly trained personnel utilizing the latest and most comprehensive e-commerce software, combined with an arsenal of trucks, warehouses, suppliers and freight companies to get the materials from the manufacturer's facilities to job sites and shipping terminals, across the country and around the world. (Return to top)

Somundy Enterprises has a training program in place that teach's your crews of skilled and unskilled labor all aspects of framing with light gauge steel in as little as five days. So when the foundations are complete, walls will begin going up the next day. Our personnel will also assist in everything from the organizing of materials to training crew members in the safe and proper use of the tools. Your workers will welcome the shift from the tedious, heavy and time consuming methods of tradition construction to the use of state-of-the-art tools and lightweight building technologies.(Return to top)

Somundy Enterprises products, especially the steel framing components, are lightweight and easy to use. Our training personnel will teach your crews production methods that once implemented will pave the way for building hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of homes in a safe, quality oriented, efficient and productive manner.(Return to top)

The world needs millions, if not billions of homes. Meeting even a fraction of that demand will take lifetimes. But at Somundy Enterprises, we know we can make a difference by providing low cost homes that incorporate the advanced methods and procedures for building homes in very large quantities. We know we may never house every person in need, but with the world's assistance, we intend to try.

Steel Frame Home Plans, Services & Prices:

Somundy Enterprises offers architectural and engineering services for generating steel frame home plans. Specifically, we draft and engineer steel frame home plans and construction drawings for your custom steel frame home project. We convert your standard wood or concrete home plans to steel frame home plans. We can convert virtually any standard home plan to our steel frame home plans and erection drawings. (Return to top)

Steel Framing Material & Fasteners Ordering Lists:
We will provide you with a complete list of the steel framing materials and fasteners you will need to frame the home to our plans.

Our plans and drawings were created with the do-it-yourself and first-time steel framer in mind. Emphasis was given on their clarity and comprehension. Furthermore, they are COMPLETE! Complete in the sense that every stud, every angle clip, every connection, is drawn and/or detailed for complete understanding and clarity. We believe there exist no clearer, better understood, and more complete steel frame home plans on the market today! Nevertheless, if the customer ever has a question regarding anything in our plans, our technical support is always available to them during normal business hours.
Typically, we can offer our customers our steel frame home plan service for as little as €8.00 a square meter. (Based upon the total square footage of the structure under roof.)
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Steel Erection & Framing Services & Prices:

Somundy Enterprises offers individual consumers, steel frame home distributors and general contractors with qualified residential steel framing crews and services anywhere in the world. We specialize in providing our customers with knowledgeable residential steel framing crews to erect their home packages in a timely and efficient manner.

We erect and frame virtually any steel frame home anywhere in the world. These range from stick-built and panelized steel framing systems to packages designed and produced individually to meet your individual needs. With the ability to frame all of these systems and structures, Somundy Enterprises can frame virtually any steel frame home anywhere in the world for you.(Return to top)

Normally we are hired directly by the homeowner or the homeowner's general contractor to perform most or all of the following services:

  • Install all necessary anchor bolts to code
  • Install all steel frame floor systems
  • Erect all exterior and interior structural steel framing
  • Erect all exterior and interior non-structural steel framing
  • Frame all interior and exterior steel window and door frames
  • Frame all steel stair framing and landings
  • Install all floor decking
  • Install all exterior wall sheathing
  • Install all roof decking
  • Install Tyvek house wrap
  • Install all exterior windows and doors
  • Install all roof felt

Why choose our crews to erect your steel frame home?
Our steel framing crews build steel frame homes worldwide year round, whereas most local crews are simply not experienced in building with steel or only have very limited experience with one or two types of steel frame homes. Furthermore, we only build steel frame homes which give our customers the reassurance that their homes are being constructed with our experience, knowledge, and skill in steel framing. Lastly, with every home we frame we offer full technical support throughout the construction of your home. This support ranges from answering questions your subcontractors may have to suggestions we have on how to reduce your overall construction cost. If you are planning on building a steel frame home, we strongly recommend that you have it framed by experienced residential steel framers and hope that you choose us to erect your home the right way. (Return to top)

Steel Erection And Framing Prices:
We provide erection/framing crews anywhere in the world to erect/frame steel frame home packages. All of our crews are 'in house' and we do not subcontract to other companies or framing crews. As such, we are able to maintain the quality from our own people that has grown our company over the years and built our reputation as the nation's best steel frame home erection service provider. Our erection/framing services are offered to our customers in the following hourly format:
1. We usually provide a crew of 4 to 5 framers at a rate of €20.00 per hour per framer
2. We require an additional €50.00 per day per framer for the framers' lodging cost and daily expenses (i.e. food, laundry, etc.) 3. We charge a one time travel fee to get our crew and equipment to your jobsite and back. This travel fee is determined by the location of the customer. (Return to top)

Please Note:
Our fees are for 'labor only' and, as such, we do not supply any materials or necessary rental equipment needed for the framing of your home. Our framers work 6 days a week and take off 1 day a week for rest. The €50.00 per day per framer expense charge would apply to the days our framers work and for one additional day a week that they take off for rest. If they take off more than one day a week (i.e. due to inclimate weather) you do not have to pay the expense charge for the additional day(s) our crews have taken off for that week.
Our crews are hired as 'framing labor' and, therefore, if you are not satisfied with our work or services you can let us go at any time without breach of contract. You would only have to pay us for the time ours crews worked and their expenses to the date you decided to let them go. It is worth noting, that our crews have never been let go from a job because a customer was unhappy with their performance or work . . . but it may make you feel better about our hourly billing system knowing that you can let us go at any time for any reason. Our contract clearly states all of this.
Please understand, to be fair to all customers, we schedule jobs in the order in which we receive signed contracts and the required travel fee as a deposit.
We can usually accommodate special requests, i.e. to provide only 2 supervisors and you provide the labor, etc. Given the unique nature of such requests, we must discuss the request with you in detail and then offer you a price for the request. Briefly put, the standard rates offered above may not apply with all requests. (Return to top)