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Light steel framing uses galvanized cold formed steel sections as its main structural components. These sections are already widely used in the building industry and are part of a proven technology. Light steel framing extends the range of steel framed options into areas traditionally designed in timber and masonry construction.

The market for light steel frames in domestic, educational, commercial and industrial buildings is well established in North America and Australia, and its use is expanding in some European countries. Light steel framing technology combines the the benefits of speed of construction with the ability to create exciting structural solutions, which are important features of all steel construction.

These case studies demonstrate a wide range of recent application of light steel framing and give useful information on the form of construction, benefits and costs. They are intended to create an awareness of, and in interest in light steel framing technology.

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Storage Facility Case Study
Camping Bungalow Case Study
kiosks (modular)
steel foundations