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Opportunity - Become a Regional Associate-Dealer
Affordable Panelized Home Assembly Facilities
Earn up to €20 Million annual net

Somundy Enterprises International has developed steel framed, panelized, affordable home manufacturing and is seeking individuals who desire to participate in this lucrative opportunity.

This program was developed to provide job skill training, jobs, affordable housing, and economic stimulation for distressed communities and lucrative profits for the Regional Associate-dealer.

Exclusive Area based on population:

  • Not a franchise - you keep all of the profits.
  • Low license fees - just set-up costs and start up expenses.
  • Immediate cash flow once operational.
  • Recoup initial investment in as little as 6 to 12 months.

We provide facility set-up:

  • Management and employee training.
  • Building jigs for mass production of homes.
  • Engineering of homes.
  • Steel frame and home building materials.
  • Cooperative marketing with our Associates-dealer.
  • Home barter services between our regional associates for diversity in home styles.

Benefits of panelized housing:

  • Built indoors - weather, vandalism, pilferage is not a problem.
  • Higher quality at a lower cost - factory workers generally earn lower wages than on-site professionals, thus lower cost housing with higher profits to the Associate-dealer.
  • Lower skilled labor requirements.
  • Build up to 6 homes per month - 72 annually.
  • Easily assembled on site in a shorter time frame than stick built.
  • Can be shipped worldwide.

Becoming An Associate-Dealer

Somundy Enterprises International believes the best way to go to market is through an authorized Associate dealer network. Somundy Enterprises International will sell direct to a non-Associate-dealer only in areas where there is not an active Associate-dealer. A potential Associate-dealer is a company or individual who's primary business is in homebuilding, general contracting, or residential or commercial development. The potential Associate-dealer should have a goal of growing their business through the use of steel framing.

Benefits to dealers include the following:

  • Co-op Advertising
  • Erection Training
  • Free Estimates
  • Preferred Delivery
  • Special Discounting
  • Standard Home Plans
  • Home Show Displays
  • Protected Territories