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Many people search for years to find their dream home only to come up empty. Somundy Enterprises can solve this problem by helping you select the home of your dreams, that will reflect your distinctive style and character and fall within your budget.

For anyone who already owns a home, do it yourself projects are a fact of life. The amount of planning and time you spend before you start a project can have a direct result on the end product. Following the guide lines outlined in Somundy Enterprises "Do it Yourself" building program, will allow you to make efficient use of your "planning time" and improve the quality of the finished project.

From minor home repair, addition or alteration to the construction of an entire house virtually every construction project requires some technical knowledge and capital expenditure. From calculating the square footage of the rooms you would like to have in your new home or addition. To estimating the amount of different materials you will need to complete the renovation or repair you are about to undertake. Using the high quality materials and technical expertise supplied by Somundy Enterprises, you will be able to complete your project quickly, efficiently and economically.

The steel framing system and more specifically panelization wins over other types of materials because of their light weight and ease of handling. Steel can be pre-cut, panelized and assembled at the factory complete with insulation, sheathing (ready for exterior finish), windows and doors already installed on the individual panels, resulting in need for minimal assembly on site. Shipping the home to the construction site in package form, is just one of Somundy Enterprises money saving procedures. All structural members are pre-fabricated to strict tolerances which ensures quick, accurate assembly on the job site.

While the material costs of the Somundy Enterprises systems is competitive with conventional wood and or concrete construction, the speed of assembly is considerably faster. This early completion results in a reduction in overall costs.