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Somundy Enterprises infill panels consist of a cut to length panel kit supplied to the contractor on site. Somundy Enterprises provide the total design and supply solution. The contractor installs the Infill Panel steel members to enclose the building up to six times faster then traditional masonry. The structural steel panels can then be clad with a wide array of external finishes.

Procedure to use Infill Panel dry envelope to traditional concrete or brick fill using a laser, check the accuracy of the structural steelwork or concrete. The Somundy system allows for 25mm of the track to override the structure. A minimum of 75mm or more is fixed to the structure. The operatives can work off scissors lifts to avoid the erection of scaffold at this early stage. Again using a laser spinning vertically, a Somundy sole track is fixed to the floor. Similarly a Somundy top track is fixed to the head. Somundy specify fixings, dependant on structural details and members. Accurate dimensions of the stud heights should be taken. The studs are then inserted between tracks leaving a gap of up to 25mm for deflection (if required).


For the Infill Panel deflection head detail Somundy utilize a R.A.T. deflection head bracket. The reason for the heavier head track is to cope better with any lateral loads that may be forced on the wall from the brick or wind. We will supply structural data for 1.2KN wind pressure on the system, which includes a deflection allowance. The studs are fixed at the bottom using pancake head screws. At the top the track is friction fit and also screwed using pancake head screws.

Our infill panel is supplied in four different finishes:

    1. Plain panel structure (Ready for Brick facing),
    2. Panel structure with OSB sheathing,
    3. Panel Structure with OSB Sheathing, "Tyvek" and wire mesh (for Stucco) and
    4. Panel structure with OSB sheathing and EIFS finishing.

Note: Other finishes can be supplied upon customer request

As facades can be quite large, we suggest that extra care is taken with the cavity tray and adequate drainage slots or missed bricks left out at the bottom. It must be noted 15mm of driving rain in a 24-hour period is not unusual in our winters; this would result in an enormous flow of water down the insulation. The gaps can be closed when complete. We suggest that once the facade is insulated and overhead work is complete, brickwork or stucco can commence.