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Panelized means that the complete walls of a house are factory-made in large sections, or panels. The doors and windows can be factory installed in the wall panels, which is called pre-hung. The panels can also be shipped as a "finished panel", ready for stucco.(Sheathed, vapor barrier "Tyvek" and metal lath) The panels are designed to go up quickly, immediately after delivery, with the roof, closed and locked up within a few days.

Panelized house offers these advantages:

  • You can choose from a great variety of floor plans.
  • Most can be modified to suit a buyer's needs.
  • Savings to buyers, including professional builders and developers, who want factory houses made from their own plans and specifications. Many manufactures will turn out one or many panelized houses for any buyer.
  • Do-it-yourself buyers can save time and money by doing their own building from a sophisticated house kit instead of going through the agony of building a whole house from scratch.
  • Savings are possible on a vacation house that fits any of the first four categories above.

Quality Of A Panelized Home

Panelized houses conform to state and regional building codes. As a result, they are usually better-made than required by most local building codes. Number One galvanized steel and high grade materials are used. Workmanship is usually excellent since it's a consequence of factory fabrication. Parts are put together in forms and jigs, which lock them into place like the mold for baking a cake. Also, there's little room for sloppiness because of the quality control over the assembly-line production of panelized houses.
The greater the number of house parts made in a factory, the less labor is required at the site. Thus, less likelihood of sloppy work and mistakes creeping in when the house is being finished.

Exterior Wal Panels
Exterior walls are framed and sheathed in lengths up to 6m (20') long. Specially designed "Erection Hooks" are supplied for setting wall panels in place by crane or boom truck.
Framing consists of 90mm (4") or 140mm (6”) steel studs 40 cm (16") o.c. or 60 cm (24") o.c.,. Exterior door frames, vinyl insulated windows and glass sliding doors are installed. Window grids, if shown, are at front elevations only.
Exterior walls can be then finished with siding, (vinyl or aluminum) stucco or EIFS. Exterior sheathing is 12 mm (7/16") OSB with Tyvek house wrap installed under siding or stucco’s.

Roof And Ceiling Framing
Roof and ceiling loads are carried by pre assembled roof trusses spaced at 40 cm (16") , 60 cm (24”) or 120 cm (48") o.c. Roof rafters are supplied for models with vaulted ceilings. Roof sheathing and overhangs is 12 mm (7/16") OSB sheathing grade. Gable sheathing and siding shipped loose.

Floor Framing
Floor framing consists of Steel Joist or Floor Trusses, sheathed with 18 mm (5/8") T&G OSB sub floor, blocking, and joist hangers. Floor framing can be supplied on kit or panelized.


Exterior Trim
Fascia, band board and unassembled corner boards are shipped loose for cutting, fitting and site installation by others. All other components are as per plan and/or project requirements.

Assembled Interior Partitions “Non-load bearing walls”
Interior partitions can be supplied on kit or panelized, Steel stud panels 40 cm (16") o.c., Door and closet headers are installed where required.

Exterior Doors
Exterior doors are primed, insulated metal in a design fitting the architectural style of the house. All exterior doors are supplied with lockset's and deadbolts.

Affordable Quality Custom Homes are supplied with hardware for final assembly, including seismic tie-downs, straps and screws.


Plans drawn by Affordable Quality Custom Homes are designed to meet Uniform Building Code requirements. Purchaser shall be responsible for furnishing Affordable Quality Custom Homes Packaged Homes with all local building code requirements, which differ from the foregoing at time of signing the Purchase Order. In the event any such local building code requirements necessitate a change in the basic package, the costs of such change will be added to the basic package price. No provisions are made for stamped drawings by Licensed Architects or Structural Engineers as may be required by local code. It is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser to provide and bear the cost of such services.

Exteriror Wall
Exterior Wall
Exterior Wall