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Somundy Enterprises offers customized roof framing solutions to suit any building project or code requirement.
Whether you’re building new or adding to an existing building, Somundy Enterprises provides the best and most cost-effective roof framing solution possible.

Benefits such as non-combustibility, lightweight strength, compatibility with traditional building methods and products, and super-efficient on site installation are just a few smart reasons to consider Somundy Enterprises Roof Framing Solutions.

Examples of various light steel roof framing solutions available:

Full Roof Truss
Half Roof Truss
Click on image to see price list
click on images to see Price list

Roof Trusses

Engineered and pre-assembled light weight steel roof
trusses installed with great speed & simplicity.
Somundy Enterprises roof truss solutions accommodate
any residential or commercial roof style or geometry and provide added benefits that are inherent of steel frame construction.





Roof Panels
Roof rafters are panelized into large roof sections to greatly simplify and speed up the construction of conventionally framed roofs. Roof panels apply to roof types that would typically be framed conventionally with roof rafters or trusses.
The integrated framing layout of rafters is optimized within each roof panel to increase the efficiency of roof sheathing and interior drywall installation.

Roof Rafters
Engineered and pre-cut steel rafters are ideal for conventionally framed roofs that accommodate usable attic spaces, vaulted or cathedral ceilings, or custom architectural design features.

Roof rafters are pre-punched with holes to allow for easier & faster installation of electrical wiring and piping.

Our light gauge metal roof trusses are designed to maximize the superior strength of steel, allow flexibility of design but yet maintain cost efficiency of light gauge framing. Our system utilizes unique components allowing for the ease of fabrication, transportation and erection. Our truss systems are specifically designed to accommodate combinations of axial loads, moment and shear. Our engineering staff uses state of the art software to dramatically increase and streamline the design process. Our software can model a complete structure in 3 dimension, engineer all major components and produce material and labor estimates.

Fabrication of truss designs are completed under factory controlled conditions ensuring attention to detail. Our production staff supervises the workmanship resulting in high quality control of our products. Detailed drawing layouts provide installers with the correct information for proper placement of trusses. Truss location, critical for proper support of live and dead loading is maintained.